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Miranda Guzman
Miranda Guzman

The Oil Nurse Story — Why I Switched From The Medical Field to Essential Oils

I have a passion for helping others achieve optimal wellness. After having an amazing career as a Neonatal ICU nurse for over a decade, God had a new plan. When my father and husband both died close to each other, I knew I needed to be back home in good ol' WV to raise my 3 boys.

Essential oils have always been in my house and with dōTERRA I know we are getting the best! I absolutely love these oils, products, and this company and am blessed to be able to stay at home with my boys and support them physically, emotional, and financially because of dōTERRA!  

Offering natural solutions for everyday concerns is my goal.  Check out my events coming up online and in person.  I usually have a basic introduction to essential oils happening pretty frequently.  Fill out the form to get more information and help.  I will get back to you within 24 hours.

What's Coming Up?

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Three Big Ways Essential Oils Can Change Your Life Take Self Care to The Next Level with These Guides.

Having trouble sleeping at night? Feeling sluggish during the day? A good night's sleep leaves your brain clearer the next morning.  If you want have better days, start with better nights.

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Loss and tragedy can leave you sinking into listlessness, sadness, and anxiety.  You don't have to walk that road all alone. If you're struggling through grief, let us show you how to start down the path to healing.

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Help your body run like a well oiled machine.  A healthy lifestyle and natural supplements can leave you feeling a whole new relationship with your life.  Let us help you be your best self all day long. Find out More about dōTERRA's 30 day cleanse

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