Miranda Guzman

Less Work Garden!

As the spring is settling in, the warmer air, longer days, I am overly excited to get my hands in the dirt and start growing! I have been adding some small changes over the years to my organic fruit and vegetable garden to grow good food that my family will love with the less amount …

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Last Minute EASY Gifts!

So Christmas will be here in DAYS!   I know many of you have prepared, you shopped early on, you have wrapped, and can relax.  Well that is not the case for me.  I am a procrastinator, busy mom of 3, and very indecisive. When you add all those together you get me today scrambling for …

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Elderberry Syrup

Do you have a busy schedule that includes ZERO time for getting sick?  Right! No one has time for sick days!!  Have you been hearing the buzz that Elderberry syrup is much needed to boost the immune system, prevent viruses and colds?  It is TRUE, but this isn’t something NEW, elderberries have been around a …

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Life is Better With Copaiba and Deep Blue! COPAIBA! It does it all: tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, pain, inflammation, nausea, vomiting, aging skin, collagen production, migraines, trimmers, sore throats, and even bed wetting! The FREE oil is Deep Blue! It’s great for pain of any sort, pre-post workout, and even bruises! This is a BOGO you …


BOGO Day 2

This is AMAZING Purchase a Turmeric oil and get a Lavender for FREE!     I can’t believe this brand new amazing oil is part of BOGO today! Plus an everyday oil equals super awesome! Have you read about benefits of Turmeric? ….It’s even more potent in the oil form!! A few key points: 💜It …

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Gift Yourself This

More common than not women do not take time for themselves. It is like our naturally instinct to nurture others, to put our kids, spouses, parents, and friends in front of our very own needs. There is no problem with that, in fact I consider it pretty awesome when I see selfless love to others. …

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