BOGO Day 2


Purchase a Turmeric oil and get a Lavender for FREE!



I can’t believe this brand new amazing oil is part of BOGO today! Plus an everyday oil equals super awesome!

Have you read about benefits of Turmeric? ….It’s even more potent in the oil form!!

A few key points:
💜It supports a healthy brain, increasing the production of neuro stem cells.
💜Excellent support to maintain healthy cells in the body.
💜Maintains normal cholesterol levels.
💜Maintains healthy blood sugar levels after eating carbs.
💜Great for mouth health (although it doesn’t taste very good).
💜I take this oil EVERY day since we got it! I drop it into a capsule and take it like a pill. I pair it with Yarrow/Pom  and pink pepper for cell health.

The woodsy aroma reminds be of a bonfire!


Lavender is ALL things calming!  It is a must have for anxious feelings and soothing skin!


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Ready to Purchase – here you go –



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