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More common than not women do not take time for themselves. It is like our naturally instinct to nurture others, to put our kids, spouses, parents, and friends in front of our very own needs. There is no problem with that, in fact I consider it pretty awesome when I see selfless love to others. However we all need ME time, there really is something to self care. Multi studies actually show that successful people take time for self care! Now self care can come in a variety of ways from getting a yoga class in to a full spa day. I want to show you something I have been doing and the result is that it is melting away unwanted inches!

For the last week I have started and ended my day with dry brushing followed by the homemade spray I call Trim Tone Tighten or TTT Spray! I simply spray it on to the areas that need some work , lightly massage it in, and then get dressed or in the evening put my pajamas on! I have noticed not only melting of inches, but increased mood and energy as well!

These oils were carefully chose because of the effectiveness of targeting fat cells, increasing circulation, and toning the skin!
Slim and Sassy CPTG blend – contains grapefruit, lemon, peppermint, ginger, and cinnamon – this blend is supports healthy metabolism and a healthy weight.
Grapefruit – this helps to decrease the appearance of cellulite, bruises, supports lymphatic decongesting, skin toning, and is supports diuresis
Fennel – decreases appearance of cellulite, provides skin revitalization, tissue toxin cleansing, and helps decrease the appearance of wrinkles
Cypress – supports healthy veins, supports muscle tone, skin revitalizing, lymphatic decongestant, and improves circulation.
Yarrow Pom is my newest addition – it decreases the appearance of cellulite, supports a healthy metabolism, supports a healthy weight, skin toning, decreases wrinkles, lymphatic support

This blend is the BOMB it will MELT your target areas!

Special note you will need to drink extra water to help flush out toxins and stay hydrated

Also many of the oils are photosensitive so I suggest avoiding the direct sunlight for 12 hours after application.

This recipe is for 2 ounces but you can double it – I strongly suggest getting these spray bottles from Amazon – I love the spray topper – I prefer getting a 4 ounce spray bottle or larger to have a larger amount and to decrease overflowing.

I strongly suggest dry brushing. Getting a good quality brush with natural boar hair is key – I have had mine for 15 years now! I just ordered this one to check it out and love it! TTT Spray pairs great with this dry brush set for a gift for someone else too. Like a workout partner, someone into natural health and wellness, your doterra business partners, fitness instructor. This gift is also an amazing White Elephant or Dirty Santa gift!

Also consider adding this to your gift to trim those inches even more! I love using a waist trimmer when I do work out! It is marvelous and helps with posture too! You can put the TTT spray on then add the waist trimmer. Many also have used muslim cloth atop too. It is a wrap that really does work – but not necessary, the spray will work alone!

Avocado Oil is very moisturizing to my skin and really helps to seal the deal with this spray as well as add vital nutrients and antioxidants – I highly recommend this one –

Here is the tried and true recipe that just melted inches off my body – particularly 2 target areas – 2 inches off the waist and one from the chest – in one week – plus I was away one night/morning and didn’t have the spray with me!

2 ounces of Avocado Oil
20 drops of Slim and Sassy oil
20 drops of Grapefruit oil
10 drops of Fennel oil
10 drops of Cypress oil
10 drops of Yarrow/Pom oil

Apply to desired target areas 1-2 times a day – massage lightly.

Remember to avoid the direct sunlight for 12 hours (some say 6 hours but I am extra cautious).

Drink lots of extra water (add oils too).

For extra results dry brush before and put the waist wrap on after.

Avoid getting this spray in sensitive areas – avoid all orifices. Wash hands thoroughly after applications.

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